April 22, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/22/2010: Pondering Which Army To Do Next

With my Tyranid army moving quite nicely (should be completed by early May), it got me pondering which Warhammer 40K army do I want to finish next, or possibly start a whole new army.  Here is a list of choices:

Existing armies needing to be completed:
Orks:  I already have about 1750 points all assembled for a horde force.  About 90+ Orks, some Coptas, some Trukks.

Ultramarines:  I assembled an all Drop Pod 1750 point Ultramarine army about 1.5 years ago and have everything all basecoated blue.  I just was never motivated to actually finish them up.  I really did not pick up on the style of play for the Drop Pod assault army so they were shelved.

Possible new armies:
Blood Angels:  Well, the new Codex is out, need I say more.  I could always rebase most of my Ultramarines to become Blood Angels.

Space Wolves:  Another really new Codex.  I know longer own anymore Space Wolves bitz (years years ago I had started one and sold them off) so I would have to purchase everything new.

Tau:  Once I had started this army also, but sold them all off.  I always wanted a Tau army, I'm just afraid of a new Codex coming out before I start on them.

Vostroyans:  I do love these guys and really want them.  But I just finished an Imperial Guard army (and one that I will always expand on.....  my Imperial Guard army will be my army that will always grow.)

The problem I have with the Marine armies is, I already own a lot of Marines.  I have a Dark Angels and Black Templars army, I also have my sons Dark Angels and Salamander armies.  So having another Marine army may not be fun.

Moneywise, I probably should just finish my Orks or actually finish the Ultramarine's.  I could probably get the Orks painted up pretty fast, but there is A LOT of them......

So I placed a POLL on the top right of this blog.  Go ahead vote and help me decide which army to do next.

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  1. Go ahead and knock out the Orks. Maybe by the time you're done with them you'll have a feeling on what you want to do next.