April 26, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Trygon Prime Assembled

Games Workshop©
Between shooting some hoops with one of my kids, and finish reorganizing the garage, I did manage to get some modeling in yesterday.  I was able to to finish the basecoat on my second unit of Hormagaunts, hopefully the bases will get done on these sometime today and pictures will then be uploaded later.  Then the Tyranid Trygon was just calling my name, I had to assemble this bad boy, I could not let him sit in the box any longer.

Besides the Hive Tyrant I recently put together (which was all metal), this is probably the largest non-vehicle model that I built.  Once again (just like the Hellhound and Leman Russ) I must give kudo's to Games Workshop for this model.  I followed the very detailed instructions that GW provided, and this model was a breeze to put together.

I really cannot wait to see what this model will look like in my color scheme.  I plan on getting the primer sprayed tonight and by the end of the week this guy should be done.  I have a friendly game scheduled for tomorrow night and work has really picked up this week so my modeling will be limited to only a couple of evenings.

Here are a few pictures of the first Trygon Prime assembled (yes, I'll be running two in my list).

Trygon Prime 1
Trygon Prime 1


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