April 14, 2010

W40K: IG 1750 Complete

Yeah!!!!!!  My 4 Heavy Bolters for my Imperial Guard army are now completed.  1750 points of Imperial Guard are now done and ready for the tabletop.  I have a little more than 1750 points painted (with different weapons and options) but my 1750 point list is now completed.

Their first battle will most likely commence this Friday night (with Empire Games being open till 12AM on Friday nights, it will give me a little bit more time to really learn the army).

It will be time to bring down Vulkan He'stan

Now we can move onto the Tyranids for awhile.

Painting Points: 8


  1. Good work! I have to say I'm a bit jealous - I still havent finished painting anything for my 1500pt list!

  2. Thanks, feels good to actually get the army done. This will be my army that I will expand on, I just really wanted to get the first 1750 done.