April 25, 2010

W40K: Tyranids Genestealer Unit 1

It's been a slow weekend modeling for me.  I have been busy reorganizing our garage this weekend (tired of still seeing moving boxes just laying around everywhere) so I finally picked up some garage shelving and unpacked a few more items.  It's almost done, but not quite.  Who know's maybe I'll even be able to get one of our cars inside soon.

Anyways, I did manage to complete a unit of Genestealers, and I currently have my second unit of Hormagaunts on the painting board getting their basecoats.   Also this past Friday night, I did happen to pick up one of the Trygon's that I need for my army.  This guy looks like he will be fun to model/paint.  I am really looking forward to this model.  Once my second unit of Hormagaunts is completed I'll move onto the Trygon before I finish the second unit of Genestealers.

Here are a few pictures of the first Genestealer unit.

Genestealer Unit 1

Painting Points: 8


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