April 9, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 4/9/2010: Tyranids & Imperial Guard

As I said the other day, I was going to head over to Empire Games for a Warhammer Fantasy game against my son on Wednesday night (we are still involved in 'League' play through what I had said up in Illinois).  The League consists of 10 weeks and we just played week #6.  I scheduled back-back games against my son so I'll also play him in week #7.  Then both of us will have to forfeit weeks 8-10.  If your interested in checking out the current standings of the Illinois League, click HERE

While at Empire Games I purchased some more models for my Tyranid army.  Purchased 2 boxes of Hormagaunts and 2 boxes of Genestealers.  All my Troop choices are now purchased.  I still have left to buy 1 Tyrant Guard, 4 Zoanthrope's and 2 Trygon's for my 1750 point army.  These may have to wait a few more weeks when I have $200 lying around.

Yesterday I managed to unbox  all my Warhammer models and get my painting station all setup.  While setting up my station, I realized I threw out all my old brushes while packing (thinking I was going to try the new GW brushes when I arrived).  So I'll have to add some brushes to my list of items to pick up this weekend.

With my models all unpacked, I was ready to continue with the Imperial Guard.  I have 4 Chimera's to build, 4 Heavy Bolters to paint and still need to purchase 1 Hellhound.  The Hellhound can wait since I will not need the second one until I play with 2000 points.  I managed to assemble 2 of the Chimera's today.  Hopefully tonight I'll put the other 2 together then I can finally try out my list.  Probably wont be able to try them this weekend, but possible Monday night I'll get a game in.

I also finally got around to updating my Painting Points on he left hand Sidebar for March, that was not to hard to do since it was zero.  That will change this month.  Back to getting armies done and playing some games.


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