March 23, 2017

Hordes: Minions Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers (Unit)

With AdeptiCon starting tomorrow for my son and I, I really did not think I would be starting any new models, let alone finish them.  I decided this past Saturday to finally assemble my Bokor and Shamblers (I have been delaying for awhile since it is a large Unit), and slowly worked on them a little bit each night until they were finally completed last night.

The Shamblers are 'undead' models can come back to life and you can bring more in when other models near you are killed.  Officially the Unit consists of Bokor and 10 Shamblers, but the kit comes with 20 Shamblers.  I think, well actually I know, this is the largest Unit I have painted since my days of playing Warhammer Fantasy (and I do not miss painting those large Units).

Like I said above, AdeptiCon start tomorrow for me, so no new models until after I come back.  Though stay tuned for my AdeptiCon recaps.

Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers 

Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers 

 Gatorman Bokor and Bog Trog Swamp Shamblers

Painting Points: 22

March 15, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Mainspring'

What team doesn't need a mascot? Well for my Engineer's Guild his name is 'Mainspring' and he fits right into the playstyle I am looking for in my games of Guild Ball.  I am trying to play the game with more passhing and shooting and Mainspring's Character Play Long Bomb allows me just that, adding (+0/4") when it attempts a Pass for the duration of his activation. 

Besides a Mascot, every team also needs a ball.  A quick color and do the base and my ball is done.



Painting Points: 2

March 14, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Hoist'

This past Sunday while I was painting 'Velocity', I was also painting this model 'Hoist' at the same time.  'Hoist' is an Attacking Midfielder that has a unique Character Play called True Replication where he can choose a Character Play (6") from a friendly non-Captain model and use it for the rest of the turn.  I have not yet been able to try this model out, but I cannot wait to see what he can do on the pitch.



Painting Points: 1

March 13, 2017

Guild Ball: Engineer's Guild 'Velocity'

After my 3v3 intro game I had the other week I have been itching to get in another game of Guild Ball and to get some of my models painted.  Getting in a game is tougher than getting some models painted.  Closest 'regular' Guild Ball group is about 80 miles one way for me and my store that is about 40 miles away, Guild Ball has kind of slowed down there.

So while I wait to get my second game in, I thought it was time to get a few models painted and I wanted to test out the color scheme I have chosen for Engineer's.  My plan is to try to keep close to 'studio' colors, but I wanted to add a little 'team color', so I choose to paint the armor plates in a shade of red.  So where the studio uses a lot of browns for cloaks and silvers for metal armor, I will go with shades of red.

It is a little hard to tell in the below pictures, but I actually did do quite a bit of highlighting on the brown woods.  I wanted to keep the highlight subtle, but when the model is held in your hand, they do stand out.

First model up, we have 'Velocity', and original model from the Engineer's starter box and a starting Striker for my team.



Painting Points: 1

March 12, 2017

Hordes: Minions Bog Trog Mist Speaker (Solo)

I've had this model primed and ready to go for a few days an really did not think I would be starting him yesterday let alone actually finishing him.  I was busy most of the day assembling the rest of my Engineer's Guild for Guild Ball, but just before dinner I decided to head downstairs and get a basecoat on the Mist Speaker.  Next thing I know I was speed painting this guy and he was just about done.

While the wash was drying I had my dinner and then headed back downstairs to apply a few highlights and get the base done.

The Bog Trog Mist Speaker is a 'Veteran Leader' for other Bog Trog models.  So once I get around to painting my unit of 20 Shamblers, I now have a quick paint scheme I can use on them to match the Mist Speaker.

Bog Trog Mist Speaker

 Bog Trog Mist Speaker
 Bog Trog Mist Speaker

 Bog Trog Mist Speaker
Painting Points: 1

March 11, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Infantry Section 4'

My final Infantry Section for my British Army was completed last night, well at least 'final' for now, the British will be my ever growing future army.  I now have four Infantry Sections comnpleted and it gives me the option to play 1 or 2 Platoons.

I still have quite a few vehicles to complete for them and the 'army deal' also came with a unit of 'SAS NW Europe Section' that I would also like to eventually complete.  Besides working on more vehicles (like Bren Carriers), I need to start working on my Airborne models  for my British and my sons US Army for next years AdeptiCon Team Tournament.

 Great Britain: Infantry Section 04

Great Britain: Infantry Section 04 

Painting Points: 11

March 10, 2017

Daily Chronicle: Two Weeks Till AdeptiCon 2017

Well, technically yesterday was two weeks until the official start of AdeptiCon 2017, but for me it is today.  I will not be attending any events on opening day and will be arriving on Friday.

This years AdeptiCon was kiind of last minute for me.  With moving back to the Midwest in the Fall, I knew I was going to attend just go visit some old friends and catch up.  This past winter I decided to get back into Bolt Action and there happen to still be tickets available for the 2 day US Nationals.  I thought why not, it will be a good way to get 5 games of Bolt Action in.  I know I will not win, or come close to winning, I am playing just to throw some dice around.  I asked my oldest son back in Arizona if he was interested in playing (like he was going to say no to going to AdeptiCon) and happened to find a decent price on a flight for him, it is a redeye, but heck it was under $200 round trip.  My son will be arriving early Friday morning, so I will pick him up at the Chicago airport and we'll continue to the convention.

Now I had to decide on which army I was going to play, my Germans or my Soviets.  I had decided I was going to be playing my Soviets.....until this past weekend.  Seeing how I was really close in getting my new British Army completed, I decided to email the TO yesterday my official list which was my British.  Now I just have to finish up my last unit of Infantry (which are currently on the painting table).

Our schedule for the weekend is pretty simple, Friday will mostly be vendor shopping and possibly some demo games, and then Saturday and Sunday we have the Bolt Action US Nationals.

For the second year in a row, AdeptiCon is using an app called Guidebook (it is really cool), it has all the events that you are registered in it and where they are located in the convention center, along with where all the vendor tables are and demo games that available.  You are also able to create a To Do List of things you want to do for the weekend.

Since Friday is our free day, this is my list I am shooting for:

Broken Egg Games (new war sticks for Warmachine/Hordes)
Privateer Press
Steamforged Games (check out some Guild Ball)
Warlord Games
Battle Foam (possibly a Guild Ball bag)
Grognard Games (old friend opened a new Chicago store)
Army Painter
Frontline Gaming
TableWar Designs

Guild Ball Full Game Experience (Steamforged provides an army for a full game 1-2 hours).  I may be interested in this one, I asked about this at the LVO since they had it listed....and they kind of looked at me like what was I talking about.  So we'll see if they are a bit more organized for AdeptiCon.

Then we'll see what other games we come across while walking thorugh the rooms.  There also is a Hobbit demo session my son may be interested in (may be something he does whil I play Guild Ball if he does not want to).

Then the rest of Friday will be trying to find all my old friends and catchiing up.

Now that I am back in the Midwest, I will be better prepared for next year and plan to attend all four days.  My son and I are already looking into the WM/H TT and the Bolt Action TT (both of these are one day events) so then we can also get other games Guild Ball.

Back to painting my last Unit.

March 9, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Daimler MKI'

If you saw yesterday's post on my Cromwell Cruisers, you may have noticed this guy in the background in one of the pictures.  While I had the airbrush out, I wanted to get as many vehicles basecoated as possible.  I knew I could handle finishing three vehicles at once.

The Daimler MKI Armoured Car will make a nice addition to my British Army, especually useful in smaller point games where I feel a tank may take up too many points.  I never had a 'Recce' vehicle before in any of my armies, so this is a first.  I know they changed the rules on them in Version 2 of Bolt Action, I guess it's time to re-read that section.

Daimler MKI 

 Daimler MKI

Painting Points: 10

March 8, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Cromwell Cruiser MKVIII Tanks'

Well I am proud to say that my twins are born, 'Andrea' and 'Juno'!

This past weekend when I finished up Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath for my Hordes Minions, my plan was to continue painting another Minion model.  Then later that Saturday evening I was thinking about the upcoming AdeptiCon Bolt Action Tournament at the end of this month and started to play around with British lists for the event.  My original plan for the Bolt Action US Nationals was to either play my Germans, or my Soviets (was leaning towards my Soviets).  I was thinking what else would I need to finish for my British Army to have 1250 points fully painted.  I knew I have to finish my fourth Infantry Section, but what else.  Well it turns out I needed to get one of my tanks also completed.

When I purchased my British Army at the end of Decemeer 2016, the army deal I purchased came with 4 tanks.  2 Cromwell Cruiser MKVIII, 1 Sherman Firefly VC, 1 M10 Wolverine.  Well a Cromwell Cruiser would fit right into my list.  Also in order for me to get my list to work I need to run 2 Platoons in my list.  I have always played Bolt Action with just 1 Platoon, so this will be a first.  My Order Dice total came out to 16, which I feel is pretty good.  The Soviet list I have been thiking about using comes out to 13.  This would give me 3 extra dice to think of some strategies, plus with 2 Lieutenants in my Army, I can do a 'Snap to Action' with both of them.

I did not come to a conclusion if I will be playing the British yet (I have till this Saturday to submit my list to the TO) but on Sunday I decided it was time to build a tank.  Since I had 2 Cromwells, I decided to build them both at the same time and since I was going to have to break out my airbrush for the basecoat, I also decided to build a Daimeler Armoured Car.

The tanks assembly was completed later on Sunday and on Monday night the painting started and I was able to complete these two last night.

The Cromwell Cruiser MKVIII first saw action in June 1944 in Normandy, and at this time, all Allied vehicles were to have a 'white five-pointed star' painted on them for air recognition.

 Andrea & Juno





 Natural look to the eye with normal lighting.

Painting Points: 20

March 5, 2017

Hordes: Minions Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath (Solo)

I've been having a busy weekend with my modeling and painting.  Friday night I finished third British Infantry Section, and yesterday I work on another Minion Lesser Warlock & Heavy Warbest, 'Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath'.

A few weeks ago I cam across a list for my Warlock Rack called 'Rask & Friends' where he is played with three Lesser Warlocks, I thought this list would be fun to play so I am been slowly working on it.  I already had 'Wrong Eye & Snapjaw' completed, soi it was time for the second friend.

When painting my Privateer Press moels, 99% of the time I try and follow the 'studio' colors.  Well the studio colors for this model was in shades of blue.   Maybe if I was using them for my Trollbloods army, but I wanted these guys to fit in with my Minion scheme.  So I used shades of green.

Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath 

Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath

Painting Points: 1+5 (6)

March 4, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Infantry Section 3'

Three down and one to go to complete the four Infantry Sections for my British Army.  All four units are equipped the same, M=NCO with SMG, LMG and his Loader, 2 SMG and 6 Rifles.  11 men (an extra SMG for Late Ware Veterans).

Once I finish the fourth Infantry Section then I can move onto some of the vehicles I have for the army.  I have a 650 point tournament coming up at the end of April where this army will make it's debut.  For that list I still need to paint up a Daimler Armoured Car.  I thought a Tank would be too many points in a 650 point game, but I still wanted a light vehicle just in case.  It will have a Light AT gun in case I do face any tanks and it also has a coxial MMG in case I face all Infantry lists.  I will also have my 25 pdr Light Howitzer which also can be fire as a Light AT (so two chances at any tanks).

When I paint vehicles, I use an airbrush to paint the base coat.  So I do not want to get my station all setup just for one vehicle.  So I think it may be till at least April before I get to the Armoured Car.  I'd like to get at least two of my tanks assembled also and then base coat them all at the same time.  We will see how we are on the time schedule.  The event is not till April 29th, so I still have some time.

Great Britain: Infantry Section 03 

 Great Britain: Infantry Section 03

Painting Points: 11

March 2, 2017

Battle Report: Guild Ball 3/1/2017 Engineer's vs Butcher's

Last night I headed down south to South Bend, IN for an introductory 3vs3 game of Guild Ball at Fantasy Games. Of the three gaming stores I have visited so far, this one has the most gaming space and selection of models that I am interested.  On the plus side they also offer a customer rewards program so you can buy from them instead of an online site.  I am always an impulse buyer and want my toy now.

As of late, Guild Ball has kind of died down at this store, but hopefully I can resurrect some of that so I can keep getting more practice games.  I had a brief 15 minute tutorial at LVO, but last night was my first time to get an actual game in after I read the rulebook.

I wanted to use last nights 3vs3 more as a learning eperience and try everything that I can so I know how all the mechanics work rather than being tactical and trying to win the game.

I was playing my Engineer's starter box with Ballista as my Captain, Salvo at Wiinger, and Velocity as my Striker.  I was up against a team of Butcher's lead by Ox (and I do not recall what his other two models were).

Like I just mentioned above, for me it was more about the mechanics of the game.  I wanted to test Attacking, Charging, Kicking, Passing, Scoring, Character Plays and Legendary Play and I was able to accomplish all that.  Salvo even took some Poison so I could see how Conditions work.

The one part of the game that was throwing me off was, "I activate one model, then you activate one model".  I kept on thinking Warmachine/Hordes in my head where I get to activate my Team, then the other player activates their Team.  So some of the plays I was trying to come up with in my head may not work, since your opponent has a chance to counter before you activate your next player.  Their are some Team Work plays in the rule book that may help me accomplish some of these plays that I am trying to come up with.

I am really glad that I decided to go with the Engineer's since they are a pretty decent scoring team (and do not easily get Taken Out either),  My Striker Velocity ended up scoring both goals for me and winning the game 8-0.

Her first goal she sprinted towards a loose ball on my right side and continued her sprint towards the goal and just getting within her 8" range to kick.  With 4 dice to her Kick she easily made the long shot for the goal.


Her second goal was pretty sweet.....  Ballista had the ball just passed midfield and was engaged by a Butcher.  Velocity was about 9" away diagonally near the goal.  Ballista used his Legendary Play to increase the range of his kick (pass) from 6" to 10" and successfully made the pass.  At that point I could have used the Team Work play Snap Shot but that costs 2 MP and the only player left on the Butchers to activate was Ox and he was Knocked-Down (and could only stand up).  Once it was Velocities activation she moved towards the goal and did a Tap In kick (within 4" of the goal -1 TN).  With 4 dice and now only needing 3+ she scored the game winning goal.

Now I know my opponent probably could have really beaten me bad if he really tried (but it has been awhile since he last played and was also refreshing on the rules), but it felt really good to get a win in.

I am not one who plays with unpainted minis that often, so I need to get the rest of my Team assembled and get these guys on the painting table. 
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