March 9, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Daimler MKI'

If you saw yesterday's post on my Cromwell Cruisers, you may have noticed this guy in the background in one of the pictures.  While I had the airbrush out, I wanted to get as many vehicles basecoated as possible.  I knew I could handle finishing three vehicles at once.

The Daimler MKI Armoured Car will make a nice addition to my British Army, especually useful in smaller point games where I feel a tank may take up too many points.  I never had a 'Recce' vehicle before in any of my armies, so this is a first.  I know they changed the rules on them in Version 2 of Bolt Action, I guess it's time to re-read that section.

Daimler MKI 

 Daimler MKI

Painting Points: 10


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