March 10, 2017

Daily Chronicle: Two Weeks Till AdeptiCon 2017

Well, technically yesterday was two weeks until the official start of AdeptiCon 2017, but for me it is today.  I will not be attending any events on opening day and will be arriving on Friday.

This years AdeptiCon was kiind of last minute for me.  With moving back to the Midwest in the Fall, I knew I was going to attend just go visit some old friends and catch up.  This past winter I decided to get back into Bolt Action and there happen to still be tickets available for the 2 day US Nationals.  I thought why not, it will be a good way to get 5 games of Bolt Action in.  I know I will not win, or come close to winning, I am playing just to throw some dice around.  I asked my oldest son back in Arizona if he was interested in playing (like he was going to say no to going to AdeptiCon) and happened to find a decent price on a flight for him, it is a redeye, but heck it was under $200 round trip.  My son will be arriving early Friday morning, so I will pick him up at the Chicago airport and we'll continue to the convention.

Now I had to decide on which army I was going to play, my Germans or my Soviets.  I had decided I was going to be playing my Soviets.....until this past weekend.  Seeing how I was really close in getting my new British Army completed, I decided to email the TO yesterday my official list which was my British.  Now I just have to finish up my last unit of Infantry (which are currently on the painting table).

Our schedule for the weekend is pretty simple, Friday will mostly be vendor shopping and possibly some demo games, and then Saturday and Sunday we have the Bolt Action US Nationals.

For the second year in a row, AdeptiCon is using an app called Guidebook (it is really cool), it has all the events that you are registered in it and where they are located in the convention center, along with where all the vendor tables are and demo games that available.  You are also able to create a To Do List of things you want to do for the weekend.

Since Friday is our free day, this is my list I am shooting for:

Broken Egg Games (new war sticks for Warmachine/Hordes)
Privateer Press
Steamforged Games (check out some Guild Ball)
Warlord Games
Battle Foam (possibly a Guild Ball bag)
Grognard Games (old friend opened a new Chicago store)
Army Painter
Frontline Gaming
TableWar Designs

Guild Ball Full Game Experience (Steamforged provides an army for a full game 1-2 hours).  I may be interested in this one, I asked about this at the LVO since they had it listed....and they kind of looked at me like what was I talking about.  So we'll see if they are a bit more organized for AdeptiCon.

Then we'll see what other games we come across while walking thorugh the rooms.  There also is a Hobbit demo session my son may be interested in (may be something he does whil I play Guild Ball if he does not want to).

Then the rest of Friday will be trying to find all my old friends and catchiing up.

Now that I am back in the Midwest, I will be better prepared for next year and plan to attend all four days.  My son and I are already looking into the WM/H TT and the Bolt Action TT (both of these are one day events) so then we can also get other games Guild Ball.

Back to painting my last Unit.


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