March 8, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Cromwell Cruiser MKVIII Tanks'

Well I am proud to say that my twins are born, 'Andrea' and 'Juno'!

This past weekend when I finished up Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath for my Hordes Minions, my plan was to continue painting another Minion model.  Then later that Saturday evening I was thinking about the upcoming AdeptiCon Bolt Action Tournament at the end of this month and started to play around with British lists for the event.  My original plan for the Bolt Action US Nationals was to either play my Germans, or my Soviets (was leaning towards my Soviets).  I was thinking what else would I need to finish for my British Army to have 1250 points fully painted.  I knew I have to finish my fourth Infantry Section, but what else.  Well it turns out I needed to get one of my tanks also completed.

When I purchased my British Army at the end of Decemeer 2016, the army deal I purchased came with 4 tanks.  2 Cromwell Cruiser MKVIII, 1 Sherman Firefly VC, 1 M10 Wolverine.  Well a Cromwell Cruiser would fit right into my list.  Also in order for me to get my list to work I need to run 2 Platoons in my list.  I have always played Bolt Action with just 1 Platoon, so this will be a first.  My Order Dice total came out to 16, which I feel is pretty good.  The Soviet list I have been thiking about using comes out to 13.  This would give me 3 extra dice to think of some strategies, plus with 2 Lieutenants in my Army, I can do a 'Snap to Action' with both of them.

I did not come to a conclusion if I will be playing the British yet (I have till this Saturday to submit my list to the TO) but on Sunday I decided it was time to build a tank.  Since I had 2 Cromwells, I decided to build them both at the same time and since I was going to have to break out my airbrush for the basecoat, I also decided to build a Daimeler Armoured Car.

The tanks assembly was completed later on Sunday and on Monday night the painting started and I was able to complete these two last night.

The Cromwell Cruiser MKVIII first saw action in June 1944 in Normandy, and at this time, all Allied vehicles were to have a 'white five-pointed star' painted on them for air recognition.

 Andrea & Juno





 Natural look to the eye with normal lighting.

Painting Points: 20


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