March 4, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Infantry Section 3'

Three down and one to go to complete the four Infantry Sections for my British Army.  All four units are equipped the same, M=NCO with SMG, LMG and his Loader, 2 SMG and 6 Rifles.  11 men (an extra SMG for Late Ware Veterans).

Once I finish the fourth Infantry Section then I can move onto some of the vehicles I have for the army.  I have a 650 point tournament coming up at the end of April where this army will make it's debut.  For that list I still need to paint up a Daimler Armoured Car.  I thought a Tank would be too many points in a 650 point game, but I still wanted a light vehicle just in case.  It will have a Light AT gun in case I do face any tanks and it also has a coxial MMG in case I face all Infantry lists.  I will also have my 25 pdr Light Howitzer which also can be fire as a Light AT (so two chances at any tanks).

When I paint vehicles, I use an airbrush to paint the base coat.  So I do not want to get my station all setup just for one vehicle.  So I think it may be till at least April before I get to the Armoured Car.  I'd like to get at least two of my tanks assembled also and then base coat them all at the same time.  We will see how we are on the time schedule.  The event is not till April 29th, so I still have some time.

Great Britain: Infantry Section 03 

 Great Britain: Infantry Section 03

Painting Points: 11


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