March 11, 2017

Bolt Action: Great Britain 'Infantry Section 4'

My final Infantry Section for my British Army was completed last night, well at least 'final' for now, the British will be my ever growing future army.  I now have four Infantry Sections comnpleted and it gives me the option to play 1 or 2 Platoons.

I still have quite a few vehicles to complete for them and the 'army deal' also came with a unit of 'SAS NW Europe Section' that I would also like to eventually complete.  Besides working on more vehicles (like Bren Carriers), I need to start working on my Airborne models  for my British and my sons US Army for next years AdeptiCon Team Tournament.

 Great Britain: Infantry Section 04

Great Britain: Infantry Section 04 

Painting Points: 11


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