February 1, 2010

Soon To Be Local Flagship (AZ)

As I said in a couple of earlier posts, I'll be relocating back to Arizona the first weekend in April.  We'll be heading back out to a part of Phoenix known as the 'East Valley'.  The first time around in Arizona, a new gaming store called Empire Games in Mesa, AZ opened up their doors in September 2008, we relocated back to Chicago in January 2009 so I had only a few months at the store.

Not to put down any of the other stores in the Valley, but Empire Games is a great store to game at.  Hours are great (9:00 PM weeknights / 12:00 AM weekends), and their gaming tables are just perfect, 20 of them to be exact and plenty of terrain to use on the tables.

Some of the items that Empire Games has to offer:
- Extremely knowledgeable staff
- 20 expertly built and clean gaming tables
- 8 card tables for card games and board games (seats 32)
- Numerous gaming events for all games
- Paint bar for hobbying (seats 12)
- A great environment for the young and young-at-heart

Empire Games is also used to host many of the gaming tournaments in the Valley.  'Gathering in the Desert' will be holding their 3rd annual event their the weekend of 2/20-2/21.  'Tide of War' a Warhammer Fantasy Battles GT and 'Battlefoams Wild West Shootout' a Warhammer 40K GT were also held their last year.

My plan is to find a place with a dedicated gaming room (for the really late night gaming), but I do plan on spending a lot of time back at Empire Games.

So if your ever in the 'East Valley' of Phoenix, make sure you check them out.

Empire Games
1766 S. Greenfield Road
Suite 102
Mesa, AZ 85206


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