February 9, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 2/9/2010

Most of my posts are usually showing off a unit that I recently painted, possibly a new list that I came up with or an event that I will be attending.  Very rarely do I post any daily updates.  So a new feature for me will be the 'Daily Chronicle'.  Most of the news will be 'miniature' related, but some may not be.  There are days when I'm just working on a unit and I'm not ready for a picture.  So here is the first installment of the 'Daily Chronicle'.

Lets start with something non gaming related.....  today is my 14th Wedding Anniversary..  yea, wow, 14 years...  I cant believe it....We'll probably go out for a "cheaper" dinner tonight...  (funds are being saved for relocation).

Now what have I been working on.  The 2nd Infantry Platoon for my 114th Cadians are almost done.  I'm on "Step 5C" for all the bases.  I hope to get them done today and then matte sprayed in the morning.  Pictures should also be coming tomorrow.  I decided to wait until the entire Platoon is complete before I posted any pictures.

That's it for today....


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