February 19, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 2/18/2010: Assembled Termagants; GitD

Just got back from lunch with another Warhammer friend Gyan here in the Valley.  It's nice to go out once in a while to just socialize instead of always gaming.  It was a great lunch and I'm looking forward to getting some games in with Gyan once we come back for good.

Last night I finished assembling my 2 units of Termagants, and if you read last nights post, my 4 Hormagaunts are also assembled (mis-packaged box).


I wont have much time the rest of the weekend to purchase/assembly any more.  So it looks like the Nids will be waiting until April (unless I get really bored in March back in Chicago).

Well, tonight kicks off "Gathering in the Desert 2010".  There are still some spots remaining, so if you are local and want to get in on a 2 day LotR Indy GT, swing by Empire Games tonight or tomorrow morning to check in.  The full schedule can be found on LotRIndyGT.com.  Brent from Chicago will be running a "March to Mt. Doom Madness Tournament" tonight that will be free to all GitD Players.  Just a nice small fun tournament to relax before the 2 full days of GT gaming.  I'll be swinging by tonight to chat with friends that came in to town and with the organizer Tim.  I'll bring my camera along and take some pictures of tonight's actions.


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