February 6, 2010

W40K: IG 1st Infantry Platoon Command

Last night, going in today I was able to finish my Platoon Command for my 1st Infantry Platoon.  After finishing the Command, I then realized I'll be making a small change to the Command.  I am going to be swapping out two Guardsman for an Autocannon Team.  I'll be making this change for my 1750 and 2000 point Mech/Foot lists.  That is the nice thing about Imperial Guard.  There are so many little changes you can make to your list if you want to try new things out.  In my 1750 Fully Mech list I'll probably be running all Vet Squads so the Platoon Commands will not be needed.  We'll see which lists I like best.  I'll be trying them both out and they both have their advantages.

1st Infantry Platoon Command

1st Infantry Platoon Junior Officer

Painting Points: 5


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