February 4, 2010

Tutorial: Basing The Imperial Guard

Usually when painting my bases for my armies, I do a basecoat on the entire base, then do a light dry brush usually of "Bleached Bone", paint the bands with "Bestial Brown" and add some static grass.  With my Imperial Guard army, my teammate for the AdeptiCon 40K TT wanted the bases to look a little bit different with a few more colors of dry brushing.  We are not using any static grass on our bases (since we are going with a desert theme) but I may decide to go back and add the grass once AdeptiCon is over.

If your interested, here are the steps that I am using for the Imperial Guard bases.

Step 1: Add Sand To The Base.
I use regular white glue diluted with water and apply GW Sand to the base.  I let the glue fully dry before proceeding to Step 2.
Step 2: Prime The Base.
I always Primer my bases along with the models.  This helps keep the sand in place.  Since my Imperial Guard are primed with The Army Painter "Desert Yellow", that is what is used here.
Step 3: "Dip" The Base.
Since I am using the "dip" method for my Imperial Guard, while "dipping" the model with my brush I let some of the dip get onto the base.  I make sure to place a nice even coat on the base.  The "dip" also provide another layer of protection for keeping the sand in place.  When I do not use the "dip" method to paint, this step is always skipped.

Step 4: Base Coat The Base.
I use GW "Scorched Brown" and apply a nice coat on the entire base.

Step 5a: Dry Brush The Base.
I use GW "Desert Yellow" with a medium dry brush for the first part.

Step 5b: Dry Brush The Base.
Next I use GW "Bubonic Brown" with a light dry brush for the second part.

Step 5c: Dry Brush The Base.
Then I use GW "Kommando Khaki" with a light dry brush for the final part.

Step 6: Paint The Band.
All of my Warhammer 40K armies I try and use the same color for the bands.  I use GW "Bestial Brown" and apply two coats to the band.

So these are all the steps I am using to get the bases done for my Imperial Guard army.  You can see why I was debating on waiting till I moved to finish the bases.  Since I have time now, I am going to get them done.

Here is one last picture with some GW "Glade Grass" added to the base (not glued, just laid on for the picture).  Should I add the Static Grass do the bases?  Please comment and let me know what you think.


  1. It looks good with or without the grass, I would do both. I use a very similar set of colors for a lot of my Marine bases. I use small patches of grass and random bits of mechanical looking stuff to break them up, differentiate the bases a bit. I also sometimes apply a little green stuff to the base before gluing anything down, to give it bit of shaping and uneven surface.

  2. Also, you might want to check out your blog template a little. The anti-spam capcha (enter a word thing) that comes up when you submit something isn't framed right; only part of the form is displayed so it's very difficult to enter the word and then hit submit. You need to tab through the form somewhat awkwardly and guess where you are, entering it blind. Could just be my computer, but I'm just using standard Firefox.

  3. Thanks for the info, both of them...
    I'm looking into the "comments".