February 21, 2010

Gathering in the Desert 2010: Sunday Update

Gathering in the Desert 2010 is now officially over.  From the responses so far from all our player's, it seems like everyone had a good time.  Tim K did a superb job organizing the event for 2010.  I was not able to help out as much as I usually do since originally I was not planning on attending for personal reasons, but I tried to help remotely as much as possible.  Since I was able to attend, I helped abit and I was able to play the "ringer" army for two games yesterday.
Here are the winners from Gathering in the Desert 2010:
Best Overall: Tom Keegan
Best General: Kyle Toth
2nd General: Tim Cornstubble
3rd General: Gary Lane
Best Sportsman: Tim McKnight
2nd Sportsman: ?
3rd Sportsman: ?
Best Appearance: Brent Sinclair
Congrats to all the winners.  Once I get the names of the "?" I'll update the post.

Below are some pictures taken from Sunday's action.



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