February 10, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 2/10/2010

If you had not realized yesterday, but I finally decided on the "official" regiment number for my Imperial Guard Cadians.  Since our AdeptiCon 40K TT army is based out of the Imperial Armour Volume 3 "The Taros Campaign", I decided to go with the 114th Cadians for my Imperial Guard.  The 114th Cadians will be my IG army that I will always expand on, but that does not mean I would not like to do any of the other "flavors" of the Imperial Guard, which leads me to the following.

I am going to definitely do the Tyranids as my next W40K army, but I have always wanted an Imperial Guard Vostroyan army since they were released in 2006.  I really love the look of the models for that army.  So I think that while I am painting up the Tyranids, I will also slowly start on the Vostroyans.  I am not looking for a "tournament" list for the Vostroyans, just something fun to play with.  I think with the Vostroyans I am going to lean towards using a lot of the Leman Russ variants, Basilisks, and Sentinels.  Since I currently only have one Leman Russ for the 114th Cadians, I think having squadrons of them would be fun to play with. I do not want to play the same style of army just with different miniatures, so I'll make this one on the Heavy Tank side.  We'll see how it plays out.  I'll obviously have to fill out the core Troop choices with Vostroyan First Born Squads, then the rest will be filled out with Tanks and Sentinels.  I know, I'm "dreaming" way ahead of myself, but they will be done.

Nothing new to report on the painting side of the hobby today.  I have 4 Heavy Bolters, 4 Chimera's and 1 Hellhound to finish for the 114th.  I was going to start on the Heavy Bolters today, but seeing how I'm leaving tomorrow night for Arizona, I really did not want to start them and not be able to finish.  So the rest of the 114th will have to wait until I get back the week of the 22nd.

Here is the latest update for the 114th Cadians.

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  1. Congrats on your troop #. A general close to the heart (I am the fightin' 414th) you'll find that you will grow even MORE attached to your iggys after giving them a name and #.
    As for fun IG flavors you may want to check out the books of Ciaphas Cain by Sandy Mitchell. He serves with the Valhallan 597th artillery battery. I always thought it would be fun to try and field a 40k artillery unit.
    Anyway congrats again and look forward to more progress reports.