January 31, 2010

Painting Points: Last Day Of January 2010

Well today is the last day of January and I think this month is most I have ever painted, at least it felt like it.  Here is a recap of what was accomplished for the month.

Warhammer Fantasy
2x Dark Elves Reaper Bolt Throwers (8)
10x Wood Elves Glade Guard (10)
3x Wood Elves Tree Kin (6)
10x Dark Elves Harpies (10)
10x Dark Elves Dark Riders (20)
1x Dark Elves War Hydra (5)
2x Dark Elves War Hydra Beastmasters (2)

Warhammer 40,000
24x Imperial Guard Special Weapon Infantry (4 Squads) (no pics) (24)
1x Imperial Guard Hellhound (10)
4x Imperial Guard Chimera's (40)

Total Painting Points for the month: 135

I guess now it's onto February.
My goals for February will be to finish the final unit of Wood Elves Glade Guard for my son, and continue working on the rest of the Infantry for my Imperial Guard.  With going to Arizona for 10 days (leaving on the 12th) to drop off one of cars and attend "Gathering in the Desert", I'm not sure how much painting will actually get done this month.  That is one of the reasons I really stepped it up for January.  I can say that I am now all painted for "AdeptiCon".


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