February 16, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 2/16/2010: Tyranid Paint Scheme

During last nights epic battle between the Salamander's and Red Corsairs, my friend Chris and I started talking about what kind of color scheme I was looking to accomplish for my new Tyranid army. I'm not the greatest painter, and I look for shortcuts to painting so I can have a fully painted army on the table to play with.  I prefer to play with painted armies as much as possible unless I'm just trying something out.  So I had mentioned to Chris that I really loved the Leviathan paint scheme, but I really did not want to paint up white.  So I was thinking of doing the majority of the model with bone, and then purple for the armour.  Chris mentioned a person named "BeastsofWar" on YouTube and a demo they did on painting their Tyranids.  Here is a link to the video:

They went with a basecoat of White, followed with 2 coats of Sephia Wash.  Instead of doing White and 2 coats of Wash, I think I am going to go with Bone from "The Army Painter" and 1 coat of Sephia Wash.  The rest of the steps I think I will follow the same as the video, minus the step on doing Black Wash over the Blue Wash.  I like the look of the Blue Wash as it is.

I was planning on using the "dip" method for the Tyranids (brushing on the dip like I have been for my IG), but I think that this method will be just as fast.  It's still going to be a little over a month before I start with any paint on them, I'm still purchasing the models (at least I plan to really soon).

So there you have it, I have decided on my color scheme for the Tyranids.  I really love the blue armour shown above.

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  1. Thanks for this video link, it´s very good for beginners.