February 16, 2010

Battle Report: W40K Salamanders vs. Red Corsairs

So last night I was able to make out to Empire Games in Mesa, AZ and met up with a friend of mine.  We had scheduled to get a game of W40K in while I was in town this week.  I've been wanting to try out my son's Salamanders army at 1750 points and never had a chance, and this was the time to bring them out.

My opponent (Chris A) was playing a Chaos Space Marine army, the "Red Corsairs", his army consisted of the following.

Red Corsairs
Daemon Prince w/ Wings, Mark of Khorne
Huron Blackheart
8 Khorne Bezerkers w/ Skull Champion and Power Weapon; Rhino
8 Khorne Bezerkers w/ Skull Champion and Power Weapon; Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 melta guns and Champion w/ Powerfist; Rhino
10 Chaos Space Marines w/ 2 flamers and Champion w/ Powerfist: Rhino
6 Terminators w/ combi-melta, Reaper Autocannon, 2 powerfists

I went with the following list:

Vulkan He'Stan
5 Terminators w/ Thunder Hammer & Storm Shield
2 Dreadnought's w/ Multi-melta, CCW
10 Marines w/ Flamer, Multi-melta; Sgt w/ Power Weapon; Razorback w/ TL HB
10 Marines w/ Flamer, Multi-melta; Sgt w/ Power Weapon; Razorback w/ TL HB
10 Marines w/ Flamer, Multi-melta; Sgt w/ Power Weapon
5 Assault Marines w/ Flamer; Sgt w/ Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol
2 Attack Bikes w/ Multi-melta
Land Raider Crusader

We decide to play "Kill Points" with a "Pitched Battle" deployment.  You see, I played my friend Chris in Game 1 of the Wild West Shootout back in October with my Dark Angels, so I was looking for revenge.

I cannot remember all the details (I'm bad at that), and I left my camera at my parents house (I packed the camera just for this game too).  I was off to a very quick start.  Since most of his army was mech in the Rhino's, I had no problems destroying them with all my Multi-meltas.  Through 3 turns I had a 7-3 Kill Point lead.  Chris started to make a comeback in Turn 4 destroying a Razorback and a Marine squad to bring the score to 7-5.  We decided that due to time we would end the game after Turn 5.  So Chris had one final turn to try and tie the game or take the lead.  Unfortunately he fell short and I was able to get 2 more KP's in bottom of 5 for a Salamander victory of 9-5.

Once of the biggest highlights of the game was a multiple combat we had that involved Vulkan, Salamander Terminators, Huron, Demon Prince, Chaos Terminators.  Vulkan was able to bring down the Demon Prince while only suffering 1 wound himself.  Once the DP was destroyed, the Defiler enter combat against Vulkan and Vulkan suffered his fate.  A Salamander Dreadnought was within range of that combat, so the Dreadnought attacked the Defiler and eventually brought down the Defiler and both Walkers were already suffering "immobilized" results.  The Salamander Terminators were able to take down the Chaos Terminators and Huron with there Thunder Hammers and they're great 3+ Inv Save.  It was a fun/intense battle.

I really enjoyed last night's game and I'm looking forward to more friendlies when I move back.
Regarding the list I played, I can see a few changes may be needed.  My Assault Squad really did not too much.  I may drop them for a Thunder Canon (I hear they are that good) and another Razorback for Squad 3..... oh wait, this is my son's army.....


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