February 18, 2010

Daily Chronicle: 2/18/2010

Just a quick update for today.  Last night I met with my friend Ian for a game of Warhammer Fantasy over at Empire Games.  Ian is still play testing lists from the new Beastmen book, and I had brought along my Dwarf list that I had used at Core Competency 2009.  Another great game I had with a friend this week.  The game went really really fast.  We finished 6 Turns in just under 2 hours.  Not much Magic, my Shooting was gone after Turn 3 and not much Movement for my Dwarfs.  For the sake of fun, his Lord (not sure exactly what it was) went up against my Dwarf Lord on Shieldbearers.  He managed 2 wounds on my Lord, but I managed to win combat and run down his.  In a tournament environment Ian would have charge the unit without the Lord and run them down.  We wanted to have fun and let the Lord's battle it out.  The Dwarfs managed to pull a Draw against the Beastmen.  It was around 1350 - 1550 in favor of the Beastmen.

Well, I have now also officially started my Tyranid project.  I picked up 2 boxes of Termagants last night.  It will give me something to do tonight.  I also slightly changed my list for 1750/2000.  I am being "cheap".  Instead of units where I may have some "extra" models from the boxes, I decided to round out my units based on the quantity of models in the box.  For example, I had 2 units of 10 Termagants, I will now have 2 units of 12 Termagants.  I'll post up my new lists when I have some more time later tonight or tommorow.


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