October 14, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #41

It still was a pretty slow week, but as I mentioned in yesterday's post, this past weekend was the 2019 Michigan GT and I was hosting the Guild Ball event on Saturday, so nothing was painted this week, nor any games played for myself.

That will change this weekend and my son and I have a weekend of gaming planned.  Originally this coming weekend we were going to attend the Guild Ball US Eastern Nationals in Chicago, but plans had to change and we will not be attending.  Since my son had already requested the weekend off, we are going to take advantage of it and game at home.

The Renegade Open is next month and I still have to finalize my lists for the event, after this weekend I should have a better understanding of what I want to play.  Originally my plan was to play 'Joker' in Friday's 250 Rep event, and 'League of Assassins' in Saturday's 350 Rep main event.  With the lack of playing time recently, I think I need to decide on one crew and play that crew for both events.  This way the rules of the crew will stick better for me.  Now I have to decide between the two, but I am leaning towards 'Joker' for now.

The plan for Saturday is start off with a 250 Rep game, then move right into a 350 Rep game while we have the table setup for BMG.  Afterwards we'll clear off the table of terrain and roll out the Pitch for a game of Guild Ball.  With watching everyone else play this past Saturday, I now want to get in a game.  Once we wrap up with Guild Ball, we'll start to get the table ready for Sunday.  Sunday is going to be "trying" Warhammer 40K 8th Edition for the first time, and my first game in a long time.  We are just going to do a 1000 point game just to get our feet wet and go through the rules of the game.

On Saturday while I had some time between games, I did check out the main hall at the Michigan GT and some of the vendors that attended.  I came across a W40K model that I thought looked cool, and it was new to me and a good price, so I had to pick it up, a 'Redemptor Dreadnought'.  The on the way home, we stopped at a game store in Kalamazoo and I picked up a box of 'Primaris Eliminators', both of these will be nice additions to my Black Templars army.  More than likely, the 'Eliminators' will be my next models to it the painting table.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 0


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