October 21, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #42

This past week was not actually bad for me, a pickup from the previous month.  Models were painted and games were played, so that's a plus.

First I was able to paint up some new models for Warhammer 40000 with the 'Eliminators' for my Black Templars army and began assembling my 'Redemptor Dreadnought', though he is taking longer than expected and getting him painted this week may be tough.

Then this past weekend, my son and I were able to get in 3 games.  2 games of Batman Miniature Game, a 350 Rep and a 250 Rep practice games for the Renegade Open where we played a time game for both (for the practice) on Saturday.  You do not get many Turns in and really need to take advantage of the first 2 Turns, the first game at 350 Rep, my Joker crew had lost, but the second game at 250 Rep, they managed to pull out a win.

On Sunday, we broke out our Warhammer 40000 armies and I played my first game of 8th Edition with 1000 points.  I knew this first game was going to take us a lot of time (as we were searching rules and FAQ's), but my Black Templars got the victory over the Salamanders.  We just played an Eternal game with 5 Objectives (no Tactical Objectives) and we are still getting a hold on what everything does.  I think a few more basic games exploring different Units and then we can add some Tactical Objects.  Neither of us were running any Psychics or Librarians, so we still need to figure out that Phase of the game.  A few more games at 1000 Points and then we can up the game to 1500 Points.  Currently my table is a 4'x4' so anything larger than 1500 Points will be pretty rough unless I can figure out a 6'x4' table for the basement.

Models Completed: 3
Games Played: 3


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