October 28, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #43

This last Painting Quarter of the year has been off to a slow start, but I think soon a flow of models will be hitting my table.  I have been recently purchasing some Space Marines for Warhammer 40000 to work on a new Imperial Fists army, soon I will have enough models to keep me busy into the new year.  I did get one model built this past week that will be getting primed soon and hopefully worked on sometime this week.

Don't get me wrong, I still have plenty of Batman Miniature Game models to paint (and some Guild Ball), but right now I am in a holding pattern with BMG.  Knight Models teased a release of BMG III (3rd Edition) and then went silent, a 3rd Edition card was released on Facebook and the rules were all speculation.  From what I know, it looks like BMG III will play a bit faster (which is a good thing) but until I know more, the desire to play BMG II has slowly faded.  We have Renegade Open coming up next month which will probably be the last hooray of BMG II and my BMG gaming probably until III gets released (especially since we just got back into W40K).

For Gaming this past week, my son and I got in another practice game of W40K yesterday afternoon at a 1000 point level (still keeping the game smaller as we go through all the rules) but we changed up some of our Units to see how they work.  We also started to play a mission from the ITC packet (which seems to be the norm for tournaments).  We only tried using the Primary Objectives, and our next game we will give the Secondary Objectives a chance.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1


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