October 20, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Litko Movement Templates and Clear Bases for Warhammer 40K

As I mentioned last year when I was purchasing templates for Arena Rex, I have been using Litko for nearly 16 years now when it comes to having custom tokens made and there were my first go to for my purchase of clear bases.

Now that most of the Space Marines for Warhammer 40K need to be on 32mm bases, and all of mine are on 25mm, I thought the easiest solution would be to just glue my existing model with the 25mm base, onto the clear 32mm base.  This way it will save me a lot of time repainting bases and possibly screwing up my models.  It seems like the trend has been moving to clear base anyways, why not have both.

While on the Litko site, I had to peruse the other products that I had for W40K and came across some items I liked:

Objective Tokens Numbered 1-6
Victory Point Dials
Command Point Dials
Movement/Shooting Gauge 12"
Close Combat Gauge 6"

So of course I had to get 2 of each for my son and I.  Order was placed this past Tuesday, and yesterday they all arrived at my door.

Later today will be my first game of 8th Edition, we shall see how it goes!


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