October 9, 2019

W40K: What Did I Do?

Oh My God! I really cannot believe I am actually writing this post.  A few years ago I had told myself I was done with Games Workshop (GW) games, and like everyone says, they just pull you right back in.

Warhammer Fantasy back in 2002 had gotten me into miniature gaming, then followed by Warhammer 40K and so on and so on.  Over the years my interests had shifted to smaller model count games (like Guild Ball) and lower prices.  Recently my gaming has been between Guild Ball and Batman Miniature Game and still do like both games a lot.

Last week, Knight Models were making a lot of announcements about their upcoming 10th Anniversary week (10/4-10/14) and that a lot of info was coming out.  Well it has been just about radio silence from them except oh by the way we are discontinuing these models and these models can now only be played in DCU with no explanation.  At least Steamforged Games does keep their website blog updated when they have news and information to be released.  So with what is going on with Knight Models, it had got me thinking the past few days about possibly pulling out some of my old Warhammer 40K armies that I still kept in the shed.

It is not just the issue with Knight Models, but it is with most of the games I play is that none of the local gaming stores carry any of these games (with the exception of X-Wing).  Sometimes it is nice to walk into a store browsing, and then come out with a model.  Most of the stores carry Games Workshop, so it is not an issue with W40K.

Now it has been 4 years since I played any W40K, and as of now I have no intentions on playing it competitively (with my limited travels to Cons in 2020) but playing a few games at home may be fun, the issue is the game is now in 8th Edition and we need the rules.

On our way to the Detroit Red Wings game last night, my son and I stopped in at the Warhammer store in Ann Arbor....  well, we know own the rules.

stay tuned.........


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