October 25, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists Incoming Tomorrow!

Last weekend the pre-orders went on sale for the new Warhammer 40000 Salamanders and Imperial Fists Codex Supplements and Datacards.  While my son went and ahead and did an order for the Salamanders, I did not order anything. 

After reading about the new releases this past week for the imperial Fists, and their Chapter Tactic with "Bolt" weapons, I thought the Imperial Fists would be a good fit army for me (I like shooting) but I do not like painting yellow.  So I decided that I will start on Imperial Fists but do an inverted paint scheme for them (like the way I did my sons Salamanders) where their armor will be black and their shoulder pads in yellow, since the Back Templars are a successor chapter to the Imperial Fists, I think if I ever run the two together on the battlefield, they will look alright together, Black Templars with white shoulder pads, and the Imperial Fists with yellow.

The new Imperial Fists Codex Supplement comes out tomorrow and it is a bit late for me to pre-order with my LGS, so while my son and I drive down their tomorrow afternoon, I am going to hope they extras in for sale.  I am looking into picking up the following:


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