October 17, 2019

W40K: Imperial Fists 'Primaris Eliminators I'

UPDATE 10/25/2019:

Yesterday afternoon I decided to turn the below Black Templars and paint their shoulder pads from white to yellow.  With the new Codex Supplement releasing tomorrow, I though Imperial Fists would be a fun army to collect.


Well it has been 4 years since I last painted anything for Warhammer 40000 (W40K) but this past weekend while attending the Michigan GT for Guild Ball, I did purchase some new models there and at a gaming store on our way home.
One of the models I purchased were the 'Eliminators' a Heavy Unit for the Space Marines.  This is a good Unit to have in your army, but I am also purchasing models now that I have never had before while I played W40K, just to have some "newness" to my collection.  Ideally I should get 2 more Units of 'Eliminators' and run them as 3 (which I will in the future), but for now we have just the 1.

Unfortunately all of my decals from years ago are now lost so I could not place any iconography on the shoulder pads, but if I come across some Black Templar decals in the future, I may go back and add them.  I think the black armor with the white shoulder pads though are a good distinction for the Chapter.

 Eliminators I

Eliminators I

Painting Points: 6


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