October 7, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #40

Well at least I was able to get in one game of Guild Ball this past weekend (on Saturday).  I found out my son will be off work next Saturday for the Michigan GT, so we played a game to shake off some of the rest.  For the first time ever I tried to pay with the Alchemist's Guild, that was probably a mistake since I clocked out in Turn 2 and probably did not give much practice to my opponent.  I did manage to score a goal with 'Kami', but my dice were really terrible and the failed dice rolls then cost me a lot of time trying to think what I was going to be doing next.

It has been a slump for the past month and half, playing and painting....having the Michigan GT this weekend is giving me the itch to play more Guild Ball, and I know I still need to get games of BMG in to prepare for the Renegade Open next month.

My final quarter for painting also started last week and it has not been looking to good an I am not sure when I will break out of that groove, usually a convention gets me motivated to paint, and I basically have what I need done for the Renegade Open, and just about all my conventions for next year will be cancelled, so right now I am lacking motivation.

Hopefully after this coming weekend I can get a few models on the table.

Models Completed: 0
Games Played: 1


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