July 29, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #30

Week #30 was not a bad week at all, not many games were played, but more painting did continue.  I was able to complete my 2 lists that I want to play at the 250 Rep Friday tournament at Renegade Open, at least my lists for now.  The Renegade Open is still about 4 months away, so ideas my change, new models may entice me to change lists, but if all that fails, I have my backup plans.

I was out of town for most of the weekend visiting the Mighty Mac up in Northern Michigan so not much gaming was played this week, but we did manage to get in a game of X-Wing yesterday afternoon.  I was trying a different Rebel Alliance list and my son was trying out the Galactic Republic for the first time.  My Rebels ended up winning 327-73, and I am seriously considering that list for the NOVA Open next month.

Might Mac

So that brings me to the NOVA Open at the end of next month where my son and I will be playing in the X-Wing Grand Championships on Friday and the Guild Ball Regional Cup tournament on Saturday.  Most of the month of August will probably be dedicated to squeezing these games in to play when time allows (hopefully we can still at least get in 1 game of BMG to still keep it fresh in our minds).  With last week's releases of some of the Free Cities Draft Rookies for Guild Ball, I got all excited again for my Butcher's Guild and cannot wait to try 'Layne' out on the Pitch.  I am hoping my order arrives in time for me to get him painted for the NOVA Open.

For the coming week I will be finishing up the rest of Joker's "Why So Serious" box, and then move back to the "The Joker: Clowns Party" Bat-Box for a few models.  Once those are completed, GeCon is this coming weekend where my son and I will be attending on Sunday just for some Vendor Hall shopping, I am really do not know what I will be walking out with from the show, next Monday's Chronicle we shall find out.


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