July 19, 2019

BMG: Joker (Arkham Asylum) [Joker]

This coming November is the "Renegade Open" up in Minnesota that my son and I will be attending for 2 days of Batman Miniature Game (it s actually 3 days, but Sunday will have to be our travel day back home).

Friday will be a 250 Rep BatMatch tournament, and on Saturday will be the full 350 Rep BatMatch tournament.  I know for Saturday, I will be playing my League of Assassins crew (I just need to decide on 2 lists), but I thought that on Friday, I would play something fun and different.  I told myself that if I can start painting my Joker crew, I would probably play them on Friday.  I have narrowed down my Friday lists to 3 (need to pick 2) and I will start painting those models first.  two lists have 6 models, and one of the lists has 7 models.  Also one of the lists has the new "White/Dark Knight Harvey" model that I am going to try and pick up at GenCon in a few weeks, if I do not find it there, I will have to place an order for him then.

Also between my 3 lists, I have two different leaders, one which is 'Joker' (Dark Knight Rises) and then second leader is this one here, 'Joker' (Arkham Asylum).  Each of them has their own benefits, and I think it will be fun to try/play them both.

Now it looks like I have some clowns to paint.....



Painting Points: 1


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