July 5, 2019

Guild Ball: Help Us Improve Guild Ball | Beta Test

It has been awhile since I posted any Guild Ball related news (with all my recent posts of Batman Miniature Game), but some news did come out of Steamforged Games this morning for Guild Ball.

Steamforged Games has published 2 new rules to be used for Beta testing, and the results should be reported back to your local Pundits and we will relay the messages back to Steamforged Games.

1 - “Models which are suffering the taken out condition can still take an activation, but do not become active and cannot do anything during that activation.” 
This rule essentially means that if one of your models gets taken out early in a turn, you can still take that model’s activation, you just can’t do anything with it. You effectively pass the turn. This means that if your opponent goes first and takes out one of your models, you still get the last activation of the turn, so your opponent doesn’t have complete control over the flow of the game.
We’re hoping this will help stop the uninteractive playstyles we’re seeing which are focused around controlling the ball and constantly reliably getting first/last activation, which gives that player a lot of control over the flow of the game and can feel punishing to play into. 

2 - “After a Shot is resolved, if the Shot missed, the friendly team gains 1 MP. If a goal was scored, the friendly team gains 3 MP. If the model scores a Screamer the friendly team instead gains 4 MP.” 

This rule helps goal scoring teams generate more Momentum, and again, helps them control the flow of the game more than they do currently. Missing a shot is punishing at the best of times, and this change helps mitigate that.

The Beta playtesting will continue till August 2nd, to read the entire SFG blog post, click HERE.


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