July 30, 2019

Daily Chronicle: DC Universe Miniature Game Physical Rulebook Announced

There has been some talk the last few months about what is going to be happening to the DC Universe Miniature Game.  Some of the rumors have been; Knight Models will be dropping DCUMG, the game will turn into a board game like Harry Potter, and a new version 2.0 will be released.

A little over ten days ago, Knight Models made an announcement on Facebook that for the first time, the DCUMG is getting a physical rulebook.  This rulebook collects all of the rules, errata and FAQ, and adds illustrated background and showcases miniatures.  It is not a version 2.0 of the rulebook, they say it is more like 1.75.

As of now there has not been a date set for this new rulebook, I am hoping it is this coming weekend.  For the first time ever, Knight Models will be attending GenCon down in Indianapolis starting this Thursday, and my son and I will be attending on Sunday.  If by chance Knight Models does have the rulebook and is selling it, there is a good chance I may pick up the rules.

The game does not interest me in a competitive format, I think BMG does a good job with balance and objectives for tournament play, but I can see playing DCUMG for fun.  Seeing how a lot of the models from BMG can be used in DCUMG, it would only make sense.  My only concern is/will be if I start getting the rules mixed up between the two systems.

Here is a look at some pictures of the new rulebook.


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