July 26, 2019

BMG: Joker (DKR) [Joker]

As I mentioned in yesterdays post with 'Archie', my main priority is to finish the models needed for the 250 Rep Friday tournament at Renegade Open in November.  My second lists is going to be led by a different Leader, the new 'Joker' from the "Why So Serious" box, which belongs to the Dark Night Rises.

I really like how Heath Ledger portrayed 'Joker' in this movie and wanted to make sure that this model would come out looking nice.  Not pro painter quality, but I am very happy outcome.

When I first opened this box to remove the cards to be sleeved, I did not pay much attention, but when I re-opened the box to start assembling the models, I noticed all 5 of the bases were missing from my box.  I quickly filled out the Contact form on Knight Models website, but I know it will take awhile for them to arrive from Spain.  Luckily for me I still have plenty of boxes sitting on my shelves and I opened up the Riddle box and "borrowed" 5 bases.  That Bat-Box can wait till my replacements arrive.

I will continue working on the 5 models from this box before I head back over to the "The Joker: Clowns Party" Bat-Box .

Here is my 'Joker' (DKR).



Painting Points: 1


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