July 1, 2019

BMG: Unboxing 'The Dark Knight Rises Game Box'

Back on April 16th of this year, I pre-ordered the new "The Dark Knight Rises Game Box" direct from Knight Models.  The website had sad that it would be released on May 1st and we were really hoping we would have the box well before we attended MuseOn Con so I could get some of the models completed for the event.  Due to some Spain Holidays, the shipping was delayed and did not ship till May 22nd.

Early June I sent and email to Knight Models asking for a tracking number and they responded with only that they would look into it.  I kept emailing every week asking for an update and finally last Monday they sent me an email that my original order was stuck with Customs and being returned to Spain.  Knight Models was sending out a second shipment, this time with FedEx and provided a tracking number which I was watching closely.

Originally my package was scheduled to arrive today, but it came in early this past Friday afternoon and I took a peek inside the box.  The benefit of doing a pre-order was to receive the "Alfred" and "Bane" limited models (and I checked to see that they were included).  I think next time I will just wait for a US retailer to receive items and placing my orders with them.

Here is a quick look at "The Dark Knight Rises Game Box"


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