July 18, 2019

Daily Chronicle: "GenCon 2019" 2 Weeks Away

GenCon 2019 is now 2 weeks away from the official start of the convention, just like last year, my plan is too only attend the Sunday event.  The Sunday ticket has a special price of just $15, compared to $110 for all 4 days, or $75 on Saturday.

Seeing how my son and I only want to go to the Vendor Hall, paying anything more to "shop" would be ridiculous.  It will be more for the ambiance of the convention and pickup a few items if I see what I like, plus the last time my son had attended he was like 7-8 years old.

I do have a shopping list (want list) planned out for the event:

Washes/Paints (if there is something I see that I really want), maybe some more Army Painter paints.

BMG Small obstacles/buildings

BMG Bronze Tiger
BMG Teen Titans?
BMG White/Dark Knight (Harvey)
BMG Ventriloquist Crew?
Arena Rex?
Guild Ball New Rookies (if available)
Warmachine/Hordes Oblivion?

Some of the items would have to be on a show special price in order for me to purchase (mainly X-Wing) seeing how I get those items from online vendors for a good discount already (and not have to pay the Indiana State Tax that they charge at the convention).

I added the new Warmachine/Hordes Oblivion rules to my list, this should be releasing right about that time, even though I have not played any WM/H this year, it may be nice to stay current on the updated rules/theme lists (we'll see about this one).

Arena Rex is another questionable one, I still have unpainted models from last year, and we have not played much this year also, but at GenCon, they usually have a sale on models.  More than likely I will not pick anything up, but it may entice me to get in a game either before or after the Con.

Aristeia! and Judgment are not on my shopping list.  I have not touched any of my Judgement models I purchased at AdeptiCon, and we only played Aristeia! just a couple of times (and I do have a lot of the Aristeia! models already).

What I am hoping for is that GenCon 2019 may light my fire to get playing some more.


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