July 8, 2019

Weekly Chronicle 2019 #27

I would have to say that Week #27 was a pretty decent week for me.  With the 4th of July Holiday on Thursday, it allowed for a couple more games to be played and I was able to get quite a few models completed.

First off I finished the last 2 models from the "Bane: Venom Overdrive" Bat-Box with 'Sharp Shooter' and 'Elite Op'.  Once that Bat-Box was completed, it was time to move onto my new "Dark Knight Rises Game Box" and I started on the Brave and the Bold models first, completed all 3 'Agent' cops and 'Alfred Pennyworth'.  This week we will finish the remaining 2 models, 'Catwoman' and 'Batman' and move onto the League of Assassins/Bane models.

Onto some gaming, 4 games were played this week, which has been the most in a long time.  On Thursday we played a game of Guild Ball (which I barely squeaked out a victory with a few seconds remaining), followed by a game of X-Wing.  Both of these games we will be playing at the NOVA Open at the end of August, so we need to start and get some more of these games in. 

Saturday morning before my son headed of to work, we got in another game of X-Wing, the more practice the better, and with just 1 Hull Point left on 'Boba Fett', he managed to secure the victory for Scum.

Sunday my son had to work the earlier shift, so while he was away, I setup the gaming table for a game of Batman Miniature Game.  I am still playing around with different lists that I want to use at the Renegade Open in November, and now that  have all my League of Assassins painted, I am trying different variants of that crew.  The League got the win yesterday, but there was an illegal shot in the game that really crippled 'Batman', but it was not caught till many activation's later.  We are trying to pick up the pace of play for this game to be ready for tournaments, and accidents will happen, but this one ended up being very costly.  Hopefully the more we play we wont make as many mistakes.

 Thursday's X-Wing

 Saturday's X-Wing

 Sunday's BMG

Sunday's BMG

Models Completed: 6
Games Played: 4


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