July 31, 2019

Daily Chronicle: "GenCon 2019" Starts Tomorrow

GenCon 2019  officially starts tomorrow, just like last year, my plan is too only attend this Sunday's event.  The Sunday ticket has a special price of just $15, compared to $110 for all 4 days, or $75 on Saturday.

My son and I are going to check out the Vendor Hall too see what items we can pick up.  My list slightly changed from two weeks ago and below is an updated version (italicized), honestly I am not sure how much we will be able to purchase off our list, most of the vendors are required to charge the Indianapolis sales tax, so in some instances it may be better to just purchase the items online (especially if it is a large order and we can receive free shipping), but obviously we will not know till we get there.

Washes/Paints (if there is something I see that I really want), maybe some more Army Painter paints.
GW Contrast Paints?

BMG/Guild Ball small obstacles/buildings

BMG Bronze Tiger
BMG Teen Titans? undecided
BMG White/Dark Knight (Harvey)
BMG Ventriloquist Crew? undecided
BMG Heavy Trooper
BMG Penguin Bat-Box
Arena Rex Con Dice
X-Wing? still undecided if anything is needed, maybe Mining Tie.
Warmachine/Hordes Oblivion? still undecided on this one, more than likely not.
I removed the Guild Ball Rookies since they will not be available and made my purchase online last Friday.

DCU Rulebook (if available)
D8 Dice Sets (for DCU)
D6 Dice Sets (if there are colors we like/want)
8" AOE (for DCU)
2x6" AOE (for DCU)
30mm x8-12 markers (for DCU)

I am sure in Monday's "Weekly Chronicle" I will be posting pictures of the items we were able to snag at GenCon.


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