July 19, 2019

Daily Chronicle: Painting Points, A Personal Milestone

With this mornings post on 'Joker' (Arkham Asylum), I hit a personal milestone with Painting Points.

I started tracking "Painting Points" back in 2010, shortly after I started blogging, as a way to keep me motivated each year to keep on painting my models.  Through the years a lot of fellow bloggers tried to do the same thing, but honestly I think I am one of the few who is still tracking it.

So what is this "milestone" I am referring too? Well it is a "sort of a milestone", back in 2010 I had 819 Painting Points for the year, which is ridiculously high, that is due to the fact I was painting and collecting Warhammer 40K armies with all of their Vehicles (which Vehicles score me 10 points), so unless I start playing/collecting Warhammer 40K again, this amount of points will never happen again.

Then in 2014, I started playing Bolt Action, with a large amount of Infantry men and a few Vehicles, that year I scored 364 Painting Points which was my highest amount till this morning.

This morning with 'Joker' (Arkham Asylum) I hit 365 Painting Points currently for the year with 5 full months left to go in 2019.  Just like in previous years, Terrain does also score me Points, and this past May was a huge month with Terrain for the Batman Miniature Game, but as you can see in my Painting Queue for the year, I do have a lot of models actually painted also.

My backlog is still huge with models and I still have some more terrain I would like to get for BMG, will I hit 819, no way....but 500 Painting Points may be in sight and more doable...just not sure I have that many more BMG models to get me to that milestone, I may have to get to some my back burner models also.

We shall see how the rest of the year goes.....


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