July 17, 2019

BMG: Scarecrow (DKR) (Jonathon Crane) [LoA]

Technically this next model is no longer legal in "Standard" BatMatch tournament games since Knight Models has not re-released the model in 2nd Edition, but Miniature Market had a great sale a few weeks ago and I picked up this model for under $10.

Seeing how I just finished all (most) of the models from "The Dark Knight Rises Game Box", I thought this would be a great model to have, plus I really do like the look of this sculpt.  Even though he is no loner legal in the current tournament format, his older card can still be used in friendly games.  Hopefully one day Knight Models will re-release this model and I will be all set.

Without further ado, here is 'Scarecrow' (Jonathon Crane).



Painting Points: 1


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