December 3, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #48

I would have to say that last week was a pretty good week for me modeling and gaming.  My Mortician's Guild were able to get completed with the last three models being 'Veteran Graves', 'Brainpan' & 'Memory'.

Gaming wise, my son and I got in a few games of Star Wars: Destiny in, and I was able to get in games of Guild Ball on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.  Friday night my son and I also squeezed in a game of X-Wing (which was a nice change of pace).

The problem with playing more games is that I then fall behind on prepping models in my Painting Queue/Backlog and I only have one model currently ready to hit my painting table.  I am hoping that I can probably start on it tomorrow night and "maybe" get it done this week, but we will have to see.  I have a Guild Ball tournament coming up on Saturday, and Sunday is Guild Ball open play down in South Bend (and I usually can get a lot painted on the weekends.)  I may have to skip open play this coming Sunday so I can catch up on building some models and getting them prepped, which may not be a bad idea since I will be coming home later on Saturday from the tournament.


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