December 17, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #50

Week #50 has come to an end and there is only 2 more weeks left in 2018.  I think this past week was a pretty decent week for me, not really too much but not that little also.

I was able to get in a game of Star Wars Destiny on Monday, Guild Ball on Thursday and Sunday, and my son and I played 2 Rounds of Warmachine/Hordes on Saturday night (as time was running out on us).

For completed painted models, it was also a good week.  I was able to complete 6 models and I have 2 more in the queue for this week.  Completed models were: 'LE Cheese Ball', 'Veteran Chisel', 'Zombie Thresher', 'Blackheart's Grave', 'Ghast's Grave' and 'Greyscale's Grave'.

Once the remaining 2 "The Dark Harvest" models are completed, I do not think much more will be done for the rest of this year.  More than likely I will start and prep models for January 2019 and enjoy the last week of the year getting in a few more games.

Models Completed: 6

Games Played: 4


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