December 28, 2018

Battle Report: Guild Ball 12/27/2018 Butcher's vs Hunter's

It has been awhile since my last game of Guild Ball, and I wanted to get in a few more games before 2018 is over.  Yesterday morning my son and I threw down for some Butcher's vs Hunter's with our usual Ox vs Theron.

V Minx

I decided to start 'Tenderizer' yesterday to help with clock management and with Influence.  Good thing that I did as I cam down to 58 seconds left on the clock.  The Butcher's were able to get Taken Outs on 'Theron' and 'Veteran Minx', but the Hunter's countered with a Taken Out on 'Boar', it was 4-2 Butcher's in the beginning.  Turn 2 saw an opportunity for an early goal with 'Shank' so I decided to take my chance.  'Shank' did a Where'd They Go? to get out of melee range of 'Seenah' and Dodged towards the goal and within his melee range of 'Snow'.  2 attacks on 'Snow' to gain some Momentum and then a Bonus Time tap-in goal for an 8-2 lead.

My Butcher's were then able to get a Taken Out on 'Chaska' and with time running out, 'Boar' coming back into the game Charged 'Theron' for the final Taken Out and the win.  12-2 Butcher's.

More than likely we will have a re-match today...but who will the Captains be???


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