December 27, 2018

Guild Ball: The Union 'Faithful of Solthecius'

It has been pretty quiet around here this week with the Holiday's. not much modeling nor gaming (hoping to get in a game later today).  On Christmas Eve this past Monday, one half of my Steamforged Games Black Friday Sale package finally arrived.  My boxed set for The Union 'Faithful of Solthecius' finally came in.  This boxed set represents The Union models that separated and formed The Order Minor Guild.

I actually have majority of the models that already belong to The Order, but I was missing the Mascot 'Pride', with Steamforged Gamed having issues with their website during the Black Friday Sale and the Limited Edition version of 'Pride' kept on saying "sold out", I just went ahead and ordered the full boxed set anyways.  The existing Union models that I already have, I can paint them a little differently, or may even sell some of them individually, we'll see what happens with them later (I am in no rush with them).

Once I get these models assembled early next year, I may actually try a game with them first before they hit the painting table, they are more of a scoring team with 'Seasoned Brisket' it may be fun to try them out.

'Faithful of Solthecius' comes with the following models:

Seasoned Brisket
Harry 'The Hat'


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