December 13, 2018

Guild Ball: The Fallen 'Zombie Thresher'

Ghost's of Christmas Guild Ball Day 1

I know, technically I am a year late getting these models completed, but better late than never.  In October 2017, Steamforged Games released a special set called "The Dark Harvest" and that set came with a Grim Reaper, and five Harvest Markers for the Farmer's Guild, but the models may be alternately used as players in their respected Guilds, these players are 'Zombie Thresher', 'Greyscale's Grave', 'Ghast's Grave', Blackheart's Grave', 'Coin's Grave', and 'Snakeskin's Grave'.

Seeing how I am only a few Painting Points from surpassing last year's mark, I thought working on these would be perfect to finally get them completed, and to beat last year's Points.

Also you may have noticed in the title of this post, I used "The Fallen" instead of "The Dark Harvest", the reason for this is that SFG has released at least one more zombie model with 'Zombie Furnace' since "The Dark Harvest" was released, and I thought the category of "The Fallen" would fit better for when I collect any more of these models.

While painting these models, i wanted to go with a ghostly feel to them, yet pick out an item to represent their Guild color if possible.

The first one up will be the Grim Reaper himself, 'Zombie Thresher'.

 Zombie Thresher

Zombie Thresher

Painting Points: 1


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