December 30, 2018

Guild Ball: The Longshanks Injury Report Cards

Just before SteamCon USA, The Longshanks website produced some cards to track Injury Report, either for your own damage or tracking your opponents.  The cards were a big hit at both SteamCon's and the owner of the site worked with Steamforged Games to produce the cards as an official product of Guild Ball.  A few weeks the cards were released on the website for sale, and i had to purchase two full sets.

My cards just arrived yesterday and I am very happy with their quality and look of the cards.  The cards are not meant to be used as a reference sheet for each of the players, so I will not comment on my "wants" for that, but the cards for what they are supposed to be used for, I do have two recommendations that would have been nice.

1.  Since my plan on using these cards is to track my opponents damage, I do not now what every model looks like by the tiny picture of their face (I know I probably should since I own every model), so having the players name in white lettering above their picture would have been nice to easily see who is who.

2.  My second recommendation is to possibly place a small check box next to each of the players.  The box can be checked before the game starts so you know what 6 players are in your opponents lineup.  It would make finding the player to mark damage on faster.  Since I am playing on the clock, every second counts.

Other than those 2 recommendations, I think the cards look great and I cannot wait to try them out later today, I think they will work better than the generic card I have already been using.


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