December 28, 2018

Daily Chronicle: Steamforged Games Black Friday 2nd Order

This past Monday (Christmas Eve) I received the first part of my Black Friday order from Steamforged Games which was The Union 'Faithful of Solthecius' boxed set.  The second part of my order did not ship until December 18th, so I was not expecting it to arrive at least until December 31st.  Well yesterday I had my son grab the mail, and low and behold a box from Steamforged Games was sitting there, I guess my remaining Black Friday order had arrived.

In this box was only 3 models (I did not go too crazy on Black Friday):

Limited Edition Young Theron
Limited Edition Minerva
Rookie Seenah

All 3 of these models are technically for my son's Hunter's Guild, of the 3 above, the one that I really wanted was 'Rookie Seenah', it is just a cute model.

Time to get these added to the Painting Queue Backlog.


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