December 18, 2018

Arena Rex: Single Sided Cards

It has been quite of a bit of time since I last posted anything on Arena Rex or actually played a game, but last night I was thinking about the cards for Arena Rex.  I love using physical cards for games, it is much easier to see all the stats/rules of a player if it is right in front you.  One problem with the Arena Rex cards is, the rule description for that player is on the back of the card, so unless you have all your players memorized (which I do not), you are always flipping the card front to back.

On the Arena Rex website, they actually place each player's card as a singe sided image, so it got me thinking to how I printed my Guild Ball cards by sending them to Walgreen's and printed out on 4x6 glossy paper.  This idea came to me at 6:00 AM this morning, so while my wife was still working there overnight, I uploaded all my images to Walgreen's and had them printed for her to bring home with her.

I did not print all the factions, just the my son and I are currently playing (Ludus Magnus and Legio XIII) and a few Beasts that we have.

Width wise the prints are about the same as using the cards, buy obviously the prints are taller.  The prints are also slightly larger for marking damage and the text on the cards, this is ok for me and my eyes which are getting older.

Hopefully sometime this week or next we can get another game in.


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