December 10, 2018

Weekly Chronicle 2018 #49

The end of the year is approaching and I am looking forward to the new year and working on my list of expectations for 2019 (my annual New Year's Day post).  We still have a few more weeks left in 2018 and I am 7 Painting Points shy of beating last year's mark of 320 Points.  Looks like I better hurry up and get some models ready for the painting table.  It is not like I do not have any models in my Painting Queue Backlog, but some of the items I am saving for 2019 (mainly tackling the Minor Guilds for Guild Ball), but I thought of some models yesterday afternoon that should just put me past last year's mark.

Back onto my recap of week #49.

Painting: Last week only 1 model was completed with 'Veteran Hearne' for my son's Hunter's Guild Ball team, I am glad he got completed and that was the last model for the Guild.  Nothing else was completed, but a few models did get ready for this week.

Gaming:  Last week did not see many Battle Reports, on Monday night and yesterday my son and i got in a game of Star Wars Destiny (for which I do not write any Battle Reports), then this past Saturday I spent all day at the "Holiday Guild Ball" tournament in Grand Rapids in which I did manage to play 4 games of Guild Ball.

I am not really sure what is in store for this week gaming wise.  We picked up a few more booster packs of Star Wars Destiny yesterday, so we may play that either tonight or Thursday night, then the opposite night will be a game of Guild Ball (most likely) and hoping for another game of X-Wing or Arena Rex on Friday.  It has been a little while since our last game of Arena Rex, who know's, maybe we'll play that tonight.  On Sunday I will be heading down to Fantasy Games in South Bend to cover Guild Ball Open Play while my SFG Pundit counter-part will be playing in a Guild Ball tournament in Chicago.  In between all of this, I still have models to paint.  Here is to week #50.

Models Completed: 1

Games Played: 6


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